After my move to DotNetNuke Corp. I felt the need to make some modifications to my blog site. Having used the original DotNetNuke 4 MinimalExtropy site for quite some time, it was the right moment to move on in this respect as well.

As luck would have it, I had asked Timo Breumelhof (a fellow (previous) 40Fingers member) already to redo the skin of, which was getting a bit stale itself, and by far not XHTML compliant. Since my old company site will go away soon anyway, I decided to use the new skin for that for this site. I hope Timo forgives me for making a few minor tweaks!.

I hope you like the result of this rebranding :)


I didn't like the old header for this site anymore either, it looked like this: 

Since I am not a designer, and I didn't want to take more of Timo's valuable time, I decided to use a service that I came across recently: LorumPixum. The image that is used in the header of this site, is a random image from that site (so if you don't like the image, just refresh the page, you might get one that you do like!). Lorum Pixum is really cool, especially for designers, since it allows you to easily put placeholder images inside a design. The format of Lorum Pixum allows you to select different topics, and endless sizes.

Anyway, the idea behind the random image is that the view from my attic is utterly boring. In fact it is so boring that i won't even post a real picture here :). By going to my blog site now, I can now wonder about what I would like that view to be like instead :) (I've seen a view already I liked.. have you? Let me know!)

Third party modules

This site uses the following third party (non DotNetNuke core) modules:



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 I am Erik van Ballegoij. I work for DotNetNuke corporation as Technical Lead and Evangelist. On this blog I blog about DotNetNuke tips and tricks and whatever else comes to mind

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